Litovel with RATHGEBER Chromotion | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG

The most beautiful Czech beer bottle

The Bohemian brewery Litovel won the coveted award for the best Czech beer bottle in 2015. The sublime decor? It’s from RATHGEBER.

By the end of the 19th century, brewing beer in Bohemia had become a patriotic matter. And so the establishment of the agricultural incorporated brewery with malthouse in Litovel was especially celebrated as a purely Czech brewery. Still today, the 200 brewers in Litovel produce beer using traditional methods - light, dark, Märzen, a total of 13 varieties. 

The trick, however: In the mini-brewery in Litovel, customers can brew and bottle their own beer with the help of the brewer; up to 250 litres for friends, business partners, or their next party. They not only learn all about the production of beer, from mashing to boiling hops, to fermentation, they can also experiment with natural raw materials and test their own creations.

And quite clearly: For especially fine brews, it is always about the packaging. On request, the new brewers can get their finished beer in sophisticated two-litre bottles. They show how proud Litover brewers and maltsters are of their beer. In 2012, the bottle was even awarded the prize for the best Czech beer bottle. The lettering on the dark glass was made by RATHGEBER CHROMOTION® and makes the bottle a real eye-catcher and a precious memory.

More information about the beers from Litovel at www.litovel.cz

Beer bottle with RATHGEBER Chromotion | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG If you brew your own beer in Litovel, you can bottle it in small units and take it home.