4D Magic and Foil Sticker for 1. Fußball Bundesliga | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG

Logos for football fans

What Mainz 05 and Hannover 96 have in common.

Football fans like to show their flags, not only in the stadium. The emblems of the Bundesliga clubs invoke great emotions: Anyone who has lost their heart to a team sometimes wears a scarf in summer or shows their solidarity with bumper stickers or stickers on their mailboxes or suitcases.  

RATHGEBER supplies numerous professional clubs from the first and second Bundesliga with stickers in different designs. For example, in the Mainz-05-Fanshop quality ROYALPLAST® stickers are available. They are finished with a transparent lenticular protective layer made of a special polyurethane mixture. This gives them a 3D effect and makes them particularly robust: They are scratch-resistant, non-yellowing, and survive even tougher battles with the washing machine unscathed.

Their league rival Hannover 96 offers its club symbol, among other things, as free-standing film lettering in blister packs with cardboard and Euro holes. The mirror image of the coat of arms is also supplied by RATHGEBER so it can be glued to the inside of a car window. VfL Wolfsburg, Eintracht Braunschweig, and the DFB have also already ordered high quality stickers from RATHGEBER.

Additionally RATHGEBER is also producing merchandise for several clubs in handball, ice hockey, volleyball and basketball. Through mylabel.one souvenirs can even be personalized.

First class: A 4D Magic sticker with relief optics by Mainz 05 and a foil sticker in blister packaging by Hannover 96. | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG A 4D magic sticker with relief effect from Mainz 05 and a foil sticker in a blister pack from Hannover 96.