Number of the quarter: 4.295 | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG

Number of the quarter

4,295 different punching tools are always at hand and ready for use at the RATHGEBER factory in Mindelheim. In addition, there are 3,825 stamping tools for a wide variety of shapes, surfaces, and curves. Our production team is thus also able to implement complicated and expensive orders - flexibly, individually, and of the highest quality. 

Using a modern paternoster depot, employees in production can quickly and reliably access the respective required stamp. A laser shows the way to this tool, which can then be clamped quickly and easily for the next job.

This arsenal of tools makes RATHGEBER "very quick and flexible," explains CEO Andreas Schrägle. For example, production in Mindelheim is equipped for almost all jobs. "Because of this warehouse and especially thanks to the well-trained and versatile employees, we can meet customer needs in the shortest possible time."