Exit Marrakech - scene out of the movie | © RATHGEBER GmbH & Co. KG

RATHGEBER in cinema

What a surprise for some of the employees at RATHGEBER: One evening at the movies, their logo with the Munich skyline suddenly appeared on the screen.

In the 2013 film adaptation of Charlotte Link's "Exit Marrakech" with Ulrich Tukur and Samuel Schneider, the familiar RATHGEBER packing tape can be seen. It's in the background, but it's still prominently in the shot. No-one was expecting that.

So far people can only guess as to why it made a cameo: camera manufacturer Arri is a RATHGEBER customer. Among other things, cinema experts receive individually recordable front foils for identifying movie props, cases, cameras, and tripods. In the film itself there are two scenes in which the RATHGEBER logo can be seen: one with Ulrich Tukur inside a car, one with Samuel Schneider (large photo above) sitting outside on the load area. The theory: For the interior scene, the car windows had to be blacked out spontaneously due to unfavourable light conditions.

What to do when lighting is poor and no gaffer tape is available? You use strong packing tape from RATHGEBER cardboard to help. The improvised sun protection remained - and was then particularly well visible in the exterior scene.

That's the theory. You know better? Write to our marketing director. Ingo Held is investigating the mystery and would appreciate useful information: i.held@rathgeber.eu